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08 02 2023 News

Gateway Life: Uncovering Our Mission and Purpose

What is Gateway Life? This is the question the team at Community Gateway has been busy workshopping to help provide a clear understanding of what we are aspiring to achieve.

In the physical sense Gateway Life is a facility in Wollongong that will have a large gym, group exercise room, 10 consultation rooms, a meeting room and a light refreshment café. But this is just the bricks and mortar, we are dedicated to achieving so much more.

We first started with the question of who are we going to serve? This was simple in some ways but a challenge in others. Gateway Life is a service of Community Gateway so the aged and persons with a disability are essential in our model design. However, there is growing demand for integrated services that are all under the one roof and focus on Chronic Disease Management.

Under the Chronic disease model of care it is essential that a multidisciplinary team work together to educate, and empower the person living with the chronic disease. The role of the team will help treat, and manage the condition, whilst also looking to educate the person to prevent disease progression and the development of additional chronic diseases. At Gateway Life, we are building a team of health professionals to allow for ease of access to our services to assist our members achieve optimal living.

Finally, we reviewed the demand for specialised services, specific to someone that would like greater focus and support on their health and fitness journey. Gateway Life has affectionately named this group the ‘Silver Sneakers’. Our expert health and fitness team are well equipped with industry leading technology to deliver optimum results and are excited help commence our community on this journey.

Our purpose

Delivering optimal living through education, innovation and collaboration

Our Pillars

Gateway Life has developed pillars in which we can explain the why and how behind the bricks and mortar. The pillars also create a framework in how our staff, members, patients and the community understand our methodology to achieve optimal living.


At Gateway Life we understand that education is a cornerstone in helping our community achieve optimal wellbeing.

Our educational approach will help improve the health knowledge of our members, staff and broader health sector


Research shows that a multi-disciplinary approach maximises health outcomes

Gateway Life has a team of highly skilled professionals co-located and working together with you to achieve optimal living


Movement is a medicine critical for developing a person’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

At Gateway Life we will help you build resilience, strength and wellbeing through our industry leading Technogym equipment, and personalised assessments and programs developed by our highly skilled staff


Social connectedness helps improve health outcomes

Whether connecting with fellow members, staff, or the greater community, the connections you foster at Gateway Life will provide you with the support and motivation you need to build your optimal life.


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