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Gym classes

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gym classes

We have gym classes for all levels

Our classes are designed and delivered by experienced trainers to give you a fun, safe and effective workout suited to your fitness level and goals

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Group classes overview

Forever Strong - 45 minutes

Strength based class designed to push you to increase your physical strength through resistance training and weight bearing.

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Forever Fit - 45 minutes

Beginner friendly class aimed at increasing your heart rate, improving your overall fitness and stamina.

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Stay Active - 45 minutes

Low impact strength class focused on weight training basics with the aim to improve overall fitness and mobility through a range of bodyweight and weighted movements

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Stay Balanced - 45 minutes

Low impact balance class with an emphasis on improving your coordination and stability.

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W.O.W - 45 minutes

Up for a challenge? Join us as we take you through Gateway’s Workout of the Week.

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Mat Pilates - 45 minutes

Low impact class that works through a range of core focused moves to help lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and flexibility.

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Don’t put ageing well on your to-do list. Drop in today!

Casually drop by, or book a quick tour with a Gateway Life staff member. We’ll show you around and explain how everything works. And after, stop by our on-site cafe–they make great-tasting coffee.

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