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Golf Improvement Pilot Program

Play better golf, for longer.

Golf is an increasingly popular activity for men and women over 50, providing both physical and social benefits. However, the enjoyment for many can be impacted through the effects of age.

To help manage these impacts, Gateway Life has partnered with Smash Factor Indoor Golf to launch a pilot program, aimed at helping golfers play better, for longer.

We’re seeking 12 participants, both male and female, over 50 years of age, to help measure the benefits of this innovative new program.

If you’re a current player wanting to improve your power, stamina, and overall results, keep reading to see how this could benefit more than just your game


Improve your strength and flexibility

Join this 8 week pilot program, designed to improve your power, stamina, strength, flexibility, and recovery time.

Seeking current players, male and female, over 50 years of age, looking to improve their power and results – on and off the golf course.


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Program Benefits:

Improved power for greater distance and control.

Improved mobility / flexibility to help improve follow through and club head speed.

Improved cardiovascular and muscle endurance to keep you feeling fit all the way to the 19th hole.

Increased energy and endurance to help avoid performance fluctuations, caused by muscle fatigue, during the time it takes to complete 18 holes.

Faster recovery times, of particular benefit to those who play more than once a week.

Injury prevention to ensure you can keep playing as long as possible.

Quantifiable measurement of the 8 week program, including club head speed as well as physical improvements.


What You Get:

3 x 30 minute sessions at Smash Factor Indoor Golf, enabling capture of a range of data including Club Strength / Speed.

3 x Tanita body analysis assessments, accurately measuring factors such as muscle mass, metabolic age and visceral fat.

2 x Exercise Physiologist assessments, providing a customised exercise program specific to your goals, and a progress report at the end of the program.

2 x Information Sessions with a Dietician, which will include meal plan advice for improving performance on the golf course, as well as aiding in recovery.

8-week membership at Gateway Life’s state-of-the-art-gym to undertake the exercise program.

8 x Personal Trainer check-ins to assist with the execution of the exercise program.

8-week access to the My Wellness app, ensuring mobile access to your customised exercise program to stay motivated and track progress.

20% discount for Physio appointments to help treat any existing conditions currently impacting your game during the 8 week program.


Valued at $750+
8 Week Program Cost $399.
That’s just $50/week


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